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P.C. 34.01 Definitions

Penal Code

P.C. 34.01 - Definitions

In this chapter:

(1) "Criminal activity" means any offense, including any preparatory offense, that is:

(A) classified as a felony under the laws of this state or the United States; or

(B) punishable by confinement for more than one year under the laws of another state.

(2) "Funds" includes:

(A) coin or paper money of the United States or any other country that is designated as legal tender and that circulates and is customarily used and accepted as a medium of exchange in the country of issue;

(B) United States silver certificates, United States Treasury notes, and Federal Reserve System notes;

(C) an official foreign bank note that is customarily used and accepted as a medium of exchange in a foreign country and a foreign bank draft; and

(D) currency or its equivalent, including an electronic fund, personal check, bank check, traveler's check, money order, bearer negotiable instrument, bearer investment security, bearer security, or certificate of stock in a form that allows title to pass on delivery.

(3) "Financial institution" has the meaning assigned by Section 32.01.

(4) "Proceeds" means funds acquired or derived directly or indirectly from, produced through, or realized through:

(A) an act; or

(B) conduct that constitutes an offense under Section 151.7032, Tax Code.

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